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Angela Pang​
Major Works

New Asia College 300 Place Student Dormitory, Hong Kong
design a new student dormitory for 300 students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong including double bedrooms and multipurpose hall; construction to complete in 2020

University Library Spatial Transformation, Lingnan University , Hong Kong
transforming the 6,500 sqm existing university library into the new digital research library allowing flexible uses for students and research; expected completion date 2018

Farm & Recreation, Hong Kong
a private farm of 5,000 sqm including recreational facilities such as natural swimming pool, pavilions, playground, multipurpose facilities; to be complete in 2017

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Main Library Digital Scholarship Lab, Hong Kong
design the new digital lab for scholarly research with an interactive video wall and flexible work stations; completed in 2016

Oncology Medical Clinic, Hong Kong
a 150 sqm private clinic for three oncologists features doctor offices with examination rooms, treatment rooms for chemotherapy, medicine room for preparation of chemo drugs; completed 2016

Shinohara Kazuo: On the Threshold of Space Making / ETH Zurich & Washington University in Saint Louis, U.S.A.

Two exhibition design for the Japanese Master Shinohara Kazuo to showcase his work and his legacy; 2016/2014

The Harbour School New Campus, Hong Kong
design and renovate the new campus for a private junior high school for students from grade 1 to 6, approx. 2000sqm; completed in 2015

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Main Library Renovation, Hong Kong
re-designing a 10,000sqm library interior including entrance lobby, circulation area, reading and stack areas, multi-media study zones; project emphasis on collaborative learning experiences; construction completed in 2014

Office Tower at Wing Hong Street Concept Design, Hong Kong
Concept design for a 110m tall office tower in an industrial area for a corporate company; 2014

Xifangsi Buddhist Teaching Center, Hong Kong
concept design for a Buddhist teaching center of 1,200sqm; program includes worship area, classrooms, auditorium, monks quarters; theme of an urban sanctuary in very high density urban center.

Office Headquarters, Hong Kong
office design of 2,500sqm for a listed construction company; work includes reception, office plan layout, conference room; completed in 2010.

14 Cambridge Road, Hong Kong
renovation of a 1,000sqm, 4-storey semi-detached house for a single household with 3 branch families; design negotiates a balance between privacy and proximity among the families; completed in 2005.

Research and Teaching

Washington University in Saint Louis, U.S.A., Spring 2014 - Dec 2016
Visiting Associate Professor in Design Option studio and Master Thesis 

Hong Kong University, Faculty of Architecture, Fall 2010; Adjunct Assistant Professor
2nd-year core studio instructor, focused on urban strategies including mapping, massing and density studies, historical contexts, landscape and terrain, critical examination of urban paradigms; term project was a community library in a high-density middle-class neighborhood

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Museum+ Research Consultancy, Fall 2010 – Spring 2011
a research project 1) to evaluate the three finalist schemes of the West Kowloon Cultural District competition (Foster, OMA, & Rocco) and 2) to define the vision and program of the proposed 60,000sqm museum facility for contemporary art; produced a research report on museum typologies and recent interpretations of visual culture and traditional ink art


“Project on the City”, Harvard GSD, Fall 2001– Spring 2002
“Diffused Urbanity: Building Beijing for the Masses”; thesis advisor: Rem Koolhaas
a year-long research project on the political ideologies of the Communist regime as implemented in urban forms during the first ten years of the establishment of Communist China to building Beijing as the new capital.


“The Same, The Difference - Architecture of Jan de Vylder”, a+u, upcoming issue; editor


“M+ Research”, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, 2011; editor


“Implementing Architecture: Cornell and the Education of Architects,” a+u, issue No. 428; editor


“A Primer to Modern Architecture: book review of Rafael Moneo’s Design Strategies and Theoretical Anxieties, Japanese edition,” Shinkenchiku, June 2008 issue


“Bi-Polar City: Urban development for the city of Wenzhou, China,” Shan Shui City: Urban Development in Wenzhou, China, Harvard Design School, edited by Peter Rowe and Wu Yue, 2001


Graduated from Cornell University, Bachelor of Architecture

Graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design,  Master in Architecture II
Thesis advisor: Rem Koolhaas / Project on the City

Joined Rafael Moneo Studio, Madrid, Spain
Projects: RISD Chace Center of Visual Arts, Iesu Church in San Sebastian

Joined SANAA / Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa and Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Projects: Louvre Lens, EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Carina Carina Shop, Dallas Performing Arts District Marque Building 

Established PangArchitect

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